Industrial Automation Projects

SCADA Solutions

Monitor your critical manufacturing parameters and process in a local or remote area. Many companies consider the SCADA system inevitable. Implementing SCADA in your automation system will bring a new technological enhancement. Contact us for free on-site assessment and its possibilities in your automation process.

We have our experts in the industries:

  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • HVAC
  • Pump Control
  • Hotel Industries / Food & Beverages
  • Water & Waste Water

Custom Built Machinery

Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of working with many machinery, we can help you with automating your process and thus help you reduce the manpower used in your factory. This will not only help you reduce the investment cost but also to design a machine suiting to your existing factory by means of size and get coupled with existing machine. Get free quotation from us today.

Robotic arms are now widely used in plastic industries at injection molding machines, we can help you build a robot suitable to your application. it give more precise and human untouch products. We undertake it as turnkey projects.

CNC Retrofitting

Upgrade your CNC machine with new controllers, axis drives with motors, spindle drives and motors and portion of  entire wiring in the panel. If you have a requirement, we study the machine on-site, work on it and propose a technically feasible  and reliable solution for you. Once developed, we will train your engineers on how to work on it. The greatest advantage of taking a retrofit is by fixing your old aged spares and  thus reducing the breakdown time for your machines.

Remote Monitoring

Connect your plants and machines across the country into a control center, monitor the critical parameters and control the process. Let it be a small machine or a shopping mall, you can have its control from your desk. Take steps to stay on top of the technology.

Energy Monitoring

Does your company have many machines ? Not sure which machine is consuming more power and which one consumes less ? Have you ever compared your machine's efficiency ? It's time you should monitor your individual machine's power consumption. This will help you to keep an eye on your machine's performance. Get an impressive report on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis about individual or group machinery energy audit report. This will help you to take corrective measures on right time. This system consist of individual small meters at each machine adn a central PC showing real time meter in a remote or local area.

Energy Saving Projects

Go Green, save electricity. Get a free on-site assessment, let's find out where you can save the electricity and how you get benefited from it. Your few months saves on electricity will pay this project costs.




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